Rasna Journey

A Juicy Journey

Rasna is a family owned business. It was established by Mr Pirozsha Khambatta, the father of Mr. Areez Khambatta and the Grandfather of our CMD - Mr Piruz Khambatta, three and a half decades ago. So far, in this journey, Rasna has become one of the largest manufacturers of instant drinks. We deliver uncompromised quality offerings at economical rates, and at a fast pace all over the world.

Make in India

Our Strength

  • Family Business
  • Product Innovation
  • Financial Stability
  • Unshakeable Focus
  • Leveraging Market Leadership
    (since decades)
  • Strong Marketing Strategy
  • In-depth Industry Experience
  • R&D for Flavour Development
  • Distribution Network
  • Loyal and Experienced Team

Core Values

Rasna Tree of Gain

Our Delivery

Our deliverable ensures naturalness of edible enjoyment for consumers at large through 365 days of a year.

Our Behaviour

In collecting and sharing information continuously, we build a robust tribe of people working to achieve a common goal through transparency.

Our Value Enhancement

Through our consumer interface, we are committed to delivering a tangible gain, which is the central focus of our products functional benefit, for our stakeholders and society at large

Our Responsibility

We maintain cost-effectiveness in every aspect of functioning and continue to deliver a value-added economic product that will reach all socioeconomic levels.

Our Attitude

At all layers of our organisation, we take the initiative and personal ownership to make things happen with accountability, energy and dynamism at work.